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13\10 seekers hoppetosse berlin germany

11\10 red58 barcelona spain

7\9 the late show at the lucky cat sydney australia

6\9 espiritu at rubix warehouse melbourne australia

30\8 teller club seoul south korea

25\8 oasi marrakechbeach lido di spina ferrara

3\8 sounderground spazio 26 pietrasanta lucca


19\7 1001 colle val d’elsa siena

22\6 jaiss tini’ cecina livorno

22\6 bosconi records firenze set time 20-23


7\6 fiorino sull’arno _daytime_firenze 

6\6 1001_colle val d’elsa_siena

1\6 muovo_by_discoziser_sunny_Crypt_melegnano_milano

1\5 ralf and friends_le chateau open air_forlì

30\4 langirigià pub_monticiano_siena

6\4 insomnia_block_campi bisenzio_firenze

23\3 angels of love_fitzcarraldo_terranova bracciolini.arezzo

22\3 1001 ads colle val d’elsa.siena




after 20ys


miki – the 7 kumaras .label : O.C.D. presents: The Secret Sun- VINYL

We’re at our fifth episode on The Secret Sun series and we’re thrilled to have another legendary producer taking care of it.
Miki “The Dolphin” is somebody who needs no introduction as he is, together with Francesco Farfa and Roby J, one of the pioneers of the Italian progressive scene that formed in the early 90’s in Tuscany and spread across Italy and beyond. Recognized worldwide for his productions on Interactive Test and his own Major Hypnotic Key Institute, Miki forged a solid vinyl discography that is still today very much in-demand in the second hand market, with collectors paying high prices to get their hands on the few copies around.
His intense dj set activity over the past 30 years has brought the attention of many also towards his experimental analogical works: initially realized in Florence with the connection with Franco Falsini and his Interactive Test, and later, up until the first half of the 2000’s, in Ferrara, in the recording rooms of the Adrogimus Recordings Mulino where the concepts of the Major Hypnotic Key Institute were further developed thanks to long studio sessions, both alone and with renowed trained musicians.
As it is now our modus operandi here at the OCD/SS HQ, we gained access to Miki’s personal DAT archives to scour for the goods; we are now bringing under the light of our sun two previously unreleased gem “Anse Takamaka”, created together with the late jazz bass player Bruno Corticelli, and “Shamballa”. To close the EP, we’re reissuing “Art Of Libido” a highly sought after track previously released on Interactive Test.

wed 18/8 seekers – club der visionaere- berlin 


On Records Store Day I’ll drop a vinyl-only-300-copy single print containing Imprinting Day, a track that takes inspiration from Livio Marzetti the first spark of being a DJ came to me from this great DJ Livio mythical initial pioneer at ARLECCHINO DISCO the historical disco where my IMPRINTING took place, to be a DJ in life. Even nowadays this disco has that kind of vibe born between the late 70s and early 80s when LIVIO was its resident dj and on Wednesday evenings he’d fill the floor up with people and great music in the countryside across between Ferrara and Bologna, a disco which, as we all hope will reopen as soon as possible with its beautiful Funk vibes and good DJs. Livio gave an incredible boost to the development of the art of djing, his architectures between electronic afro funk, fusion, disco, as far as I’m concerned, over time remain among the most important in Italy although not as much remembered as they deserve. In my idea of ​​dance music he is always present and in this track in a particular way. I really love this label that produced the project and these are the details:

Book it now it’s going to sell out soon!
O.C.D. presents: The Secret Sun (OCD.SSxOYSTER)
Kalahari Oyster Cult ‎– OCD.SSxOYSTER
Vinyl, 12″ – Vinyl Only

Side A : Alphonse – Moments In
Side B : Miki – Imprinting Day
O.C.D and Kalahari Oyster Cult. Available only from:
K.O.C. bandcamp
Small Black Dots
One Eye Witness.


my track on B side snippet

A side by Alphonse- Moments In – snippet



A lady who needs no introduction head to head with one of the legends of Italian electronic music – Broadcasting from Milan, The MUDD Show in collaboration with Opal.



2021 NEW vinyl on Life Of Marvin 


Marvin & Guy and Dj Tennis are back with the fourth volume of their Life of Marvin imprint after the infamous repress from Roby J, Sick Hardcore (aka Gabry Fasano) and Model Citizen on the first 2 volumes, real pieces of art in the Dance music produced in the early 90s from these Italian legends, originally released on Franco Falsini’s Interactive Test record label, and after Dj Miki’s outstanding full dedicated EP in 2018.On this 4th installment we can see the return of Miki with the track “Templares” (TEMPorary Low Audible RESonance) together, for the very first time even if they are colleagues and friends since 30 years, with another heavyweight better known as Francesco Farfa with the track “Peace Treaty”, both remastered and originally released on Interactive Test.If you think this is it you’re definitely wrong, there are also 2 remixers, one for each track, responding to the names of Roman Flügel and Gerd Janson & Shan. It goes without saying that these gentlemen did a superb and highly respectful job. Quality at its best!

principal distributor Bordello a Parigi (Amsterdam):



2021 new vinyl on Spazio Tempo_ Miki : Indigo Ancestry 


SPAZIOTEMPO is proud to present it’s fourth release from a legend of the underground, the one and only Miki! The EP is an excursus through Miki’s incredible career, proving a full spectrum of his influences.The opening track is Space Time, an epic progressive ride that is a manifesto of the glorious Tirrenian underground scene.Phosphoros is an hypnotic tool that blends tribal with electronic movements.B1 is London Irradiation, a groovy cut with dreamy melodies on top of a catchy bassline.The closing track of the EP is Friends in Kampala, a truancy crescendo to fully connect you with your 6th chakra!

WHERE WE MET · MIKI – Indigo Ancestry – SPTM004

Small Black Dots (Barcelona)

31\07 – 7\08 High Experience – Livigno

vinyl production OUTER PLACE RECORDS

Outer Place Records · [OP004] Miki – Screen Slaves Posology

Following the last’s EP we joined forces with two artists taking care of music and artwork on this 004 release. The first one delivered by the infamous Italian legend Miki ‘aka’ Major Hypnotic Key Institute.
His resume and collaboration’s list are known and long enough to establish him as a pioneer and precursor of electronic and rave music since the 80s.
On the artwork we collaborated with friend and genius Conxi at Ivvokistudio, the result speaks beautifully for itself.
4 track Ep with a repress of an old work from Miki on Interactive Test, unedits and new ,well balanced techno / trance / minimal spreading pure 90s vibes from both sides. A Must! have.

release’s date october 2020
Mastered by Marco Pellegrino at AnalogCut Studio
Cover work by Conxi Sane



A partire dal 1° Luglio 2020 fino al 31 Agosto ,


un pò di rappresentanza musicale che a rotazione sarà presente nel meraviglioso contesto tra le cime di Paradisino,Piazzi, il Passo dello Stelvio nelle Alpi della provincia di Sondrio , insieme a chef , relax , attività sportive e di ossigenazione, yoga. Seguite la mia pagina facebook Miki


Kontora Kiev Podcast -1st episode Miki . Nov 2019







Having My very own record just produced on Howl Records in the top 100 of qualitatively stronger Trommel Music’s 2018 productions is a fantastic goal, a recognition that had me doing somersaults, I wanna thank Howl Records Giovanni Verrina, Germano Ventura, all the people who supported me and my family!


Italian legend Michele Zamboni aka DJ Miki, also known as The Dolphin, a moniker that he mainly uses for his productions, looks back on a long history as a DJ and producer. Miki has been riding and forming the Italian electronic music scene since the 80s, mixing different genres from Afro to Funky to New Wave, House and Acid to Techno, while steadily crafting a music outfit that refuses to be pigeonholed. The colorful smorgasbord of influences can also be found in his productions: Apple rides along a bouncy, psytrancey shuffle with an acid infused lead unravelling at warp-speed, accompanied by meandering steel drums. Soon, we get some flirting going on with a funky piano groove topped off with snare and cymbal rattles clattering through the track. Miki methodically, like a bricklayer, builds an impeccable energy — there’s a chunky vocal chop here, a quirky warped bird-like twittering there, maybe a bowed metal sample. To give you the short of it: Cutting-edge techno for dystopian raves.Soundcloud preview